Dr. Leonard J. Nelson

Address info:

Institute for BioEngineering. The University of Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)


Dr Leonard Nelson FRSB received his doctorate from The University of Edinburgh (UoE) Faculty of Medicine in the Liver Cell Biology Laboratory. His PhD involved tissue engineering approaches towards the development of bioartificial liver systems. He is PI and Senior Research Fellow (Associate Professor) in Human Liver Biological Engineering at the UoE Institute for BioEngineering (IBioE) and was previously principal scientist at the UoE Hepatology Lab at The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. He has extensive experience in liver cell biology/ liver disease modelling, toxicology and cancer biology. Current research interests include human liver tissue modelling in. the Health-to-Disease transition (NAFLD-NASH; Horizon Europe-UKRI Grant 2023-2027) and drug safety testing using sustainable HepaRG-based multicellular organotypic models as a surrogate for human liver, including: LiverAce human liver-chip (acinus-on-a-chip) system; 3D Organoid fabrication/ optimisation; non-invasive 3D phenotypic profiling assays and biosensors.