About us

Aims & Background

The EASL DHILI Consortium is a multidisciplinary network of clinicians, scientists, patients, industry partners, and regulators, all with an interest in the study of Drug and Herbal & Dietary Supplement-induced Liver Injury. The aim of the network is to create a collaboration of diverse group experts encompassing clinical investigators, patients, basic scientists, industry partners, and regulators.

What is DHILI?

Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is an uncommon and potentially severe adverse drug reaction following an exposure to medications, herbal products or dietary supplements. Idiosyncratic DILI is attributable to medicinal products taken in a therapeutic dose and has been described in association with over 650 drugs used in clinical practice.


Members participate in EASL DHILI Consortium activities according to their scientific interests. They are asked to act in a collaborative fashion, to contribute, by this way, to the scopes of the network. It is mandatory for members to respect an ethical code of conduct in respect of the rules acknowledged by the international scientific community.