Davide Tiana

Address info: University College Cork, Cork (Ireland).


Davide did his studies at the University of Milan obtaining a a Master in Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (2007, Final Mark 110/110) and a PhD in Computational and Theoretical Chemistry (2010). He then did 6 years of PostDoc working in several prestigious Universities among which 6 months at the University of Oxford and 2 years at the Ecole Polytechnique of Lausanne. Davide moved to Ireland in 2017 as a lecturer in inorganic chemistry at the University College Cork (UCC). Davide became associated researcher to the Tyndall National Institute in 2018, and he is funded investigator of the Solid-State Pharmaceutical Centre SSPC since 2019.

His research activity comprises the developing of computational models to understand, rationalise and predict properties at atomistic level. With a background of theoretical chemistry and expertise in chemical interactions, his research interests spread form the discovery of new antimicrobials and the design of nanodrugs, to the creation of new sustainable materials.